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Alternative Health Methods Do Alternative Methods Really Work?
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Let’s talk about Alternative Health and what that means. Today we will see it is about walking on two feet. That is, using both approaches of medicine to help one be in fact healthier. I think it was an old Chinese saying…to walk on both feet is to walk on both paths or in our case walk using Eastern and Western methods of treatment aka Alternative Health Methods. I like to say a whole world of Alternative Health Methods or treatments are available now adays.

After all when sick with any type of illness, all of us just want to get better, with conventional medicine or any other way. So it is called Alternative Medicine or Alternative Methods now a day. That name in itself sort of sets me off. Why should it be called that? Because the powers to be having such a tight control on the medical field, they make money on illness instead of preventing illness. They call any wavering off their path as Alternative Methods.

Money, hahah, think how our society really is. Think for one second. Think how everything is money orientated. See how they allow anyone to peddle just about any kind of food, whether it is good for us or not, just so they get richer. What would we be like if right off the bat there was things in place to not allow food that is bad for one’s health? A lot healthier and richer as a society, because we would be more productive and not spending billions upon billions of dollars on treating the sick….instead of preventing it. Thank your government for that grrr.

Now, you would get all sorts of accusations because allot of foods could be not so good but not bad either. I am talking about the obvious bad ones here. Billions of dollars could be put to better use if we freed up that monies from what it costs us each year in medical bills to fix what those said foods did to our minds and bodies. You are what you eat. Ever hear that one? Yes you bet you have and I dare say if it is not true.

We seem to be in or just coming out of the dark ages with the whole food movement. Can we call it that?
Whole food movement, heheh, sorry for the pun there yuck, yuck. Seriously, though, we have come a long way but need to go further, allot further. For far to long we have neglected our own bodies and minds through the consumption of just bad food.

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