After Work Soother

Hello Folks

Here is a little soother  for after work or when ya juzt want to relax in a niiiice soothing bath or have a nerve tonic.

Go and find yourself some of that there Wild Oats that grows everywhere. No, Not the ones that the animals have been by,  heheh,  the  clean  Wild Oats. Now gather this when it is harvest time for it, naturally, because it isn’t any good when it is too young.  Cut the stalks down and bind them together,  not unlike a sheaf in a stook of olden days. Hang that up to dry.  After it is dried you can thresh out the seeds then cut the stalk up. This is then weighed out to a pound or two and boiled for 30 minutes or so with 2 to 4 quarts of water, depending on how much you are making. Now, add this to your bath and it will give your skin a silky smooth feeling, is the only words I can think of.

This is also used as a tea for the nervous system and depression problems as it relaxes ones nerves. Add honey if you like and enjoy.

Talking About Depression, Exhaustion and Nerves.

Here is a tea you can make.  Drink it to help you stabilize nerves and sleep. Add honey if you like.

3  Part Balm Leaf

3  Part St. John Wart

2  Part Hawthorn Leaf and the Flowers

2  Part Raspberry Leaf

2  Part Peppermint Leaf

1  Part Feverfew

½ Part Valerian Root

½ Part Hops Bud

½ Part Lavender Flower

Well now that we’re feeling a little more relaxed and not so muddled. How was your bath? Nice huh. Did you make the tea and are sipping it now? There is so, so many things for ones health to talk about and to do but we sorely gravitate to the nasty stuff. Taint that the truth though huh.

Well let us start to change that right freaking now. Are you all aboard?  Sit back, yes right where you are, and take a big, big deep breath through your nose. You there, breathe deeper than that. There we go now hold it a second and now let it out sloooowly.  Yesh im using the wrong spelling,  I think it lets us feel the word more heheh …count me bad.

There we go now take a few sips of that loverly tea. Sit back breathe again sloooowly though your nose, deep, hold a second and let it out. Think about the good things you have to do today or you can try to clear your mind and think of nothing at all. That is actually a different method more like meditation but let’s stick to what we are doing shall we. Okay now that we have secured a way to start to relax. Yes, I said a way for there is many ways to calm one’s self.  I used to tell the wife when you see a messy  yard or messy house it is from a muddled messy mind that comes from. Taint it the truth though, huh.

Well folks let us just remain with that and use that for a few days. We will be back soon to show you some more wonderous methods and loverly elixirs’  to drink to Calm one’s mind, relax and think clearer and more productively.

We thank you for your time. Hope this helps.


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