Head Cold Flu

Hello my friends.
Today I will give you a little drink of head cold flu tea for those of you that are just starting to get head cold flu symptoms.

Head Cold Flu

When you first feel a HEAD COLD FLU coming on, drink this TEA. Just like the refreshing after work soother, that is, as we know, so valuable to ones constitution or well being.

Cold Infusion Method head cold flu

Soak your herbs being used 8-12 hours in cold water. Now you can strain it and heat it up if you like. Do not boil. Yes some honey if you like.

·         3 Parts Rose Hips (crushed up of course)

·         2 Parts Peppermint

·         1 Part Thyme

·         1 Part Raspberry Leaf

·         1 Part Sage

·         1 Part Willow Bark


Here is a tea to drink to maintain ones Whole Respiratory System. I find it is great to sip on it a few times a week. If you know any breathing methods this is also a good time to do that. As we know, oxygen is our friend and we will talk more on that at another time.

·         2 Parts Red Clover Blossoms

·          2 Parts Comfrey Leaf

·          2 Parts Peppermint

·         1 Part Rose Hips (crushed of course)

·         1 Part Mullein

·         1 Part Oat straw


If the little tikes don’t take to it add more Fennel less thyme …all children love licorice.

·         3 Parts Thyme

·         2 Parts Plantain Leaf

·         2 Parts Fennel Seed (crushed)

·         1 Part Marshmallow Leaf

·         1 Part Balm Leaf

·         1 Part Mullein Flowers


·          3 Parts Rose Hips (crushed of course)

·          2 Parts Comfrey

·          1 Part Horsetail

·          1 Part Stinging Nettle

·          1 Part Oat Straw

·          1 Part Raspberry

We have a great number of very useful infusions and decoctions …well teas of all sorts for all that ails you. On this earth there is many things to help in one’s health. The body can fix itself, so it is said, it does, however, need some tools. That is where the myriad of, as they call it, Alternative Health Methods come from.

There are, for instance, arguments on the bodies PH and if it really can regulate the constant barrage of toxic and acidic foods we put in our mouths. After all it is said that sick people are very acidic and they have done searches throughout the world and found places that are naturally, so it seems, populated with very healthy people. When investigated they find them to have a very good source of calcium so they are alkaline.

With that said, we are, after all, just one big pool of chemicals…..good and bad. That is what runs us. Let us give our bodies the help it needs to keep us running….. oh so well.

I hope this head cold flu recipe helps you to have a better wondrous healthy life here on our loverly planet called earth.


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