megaliths on 19-5 meridians suppressed energy

There is knowledge that is suppressed by the powers to be. Some very interesting stuff I like cause it proves some of my suspicions, thank goodness haha anyways, gleen what you will, it’s very interesting stuff, the kind of stuff that is not believable except math don’t lie.

Carl Munck has figured out the megaliths from Stonehenge to the pyramids to all the ancient ruins of Mayan an Aztecs that are in Mexico and all the ancient ruins in South America. They are hidden messages in plain site with math and geometry and such….. Carl Munck has figured it out.

If you ever get the time sit and watch this…….is very interesting. Like how did the ancients know the exact circumference of the earth, how can the measurements of one site point to places thousands of miles away and many, many more things that the ancients should not know. Could not know….who really did it.
I think it is not the ancient people of earth actually but again there is the fallen angel theory or things of the Biblical nature…..cause I think why would evil want to do recordings of earth things that can help people…there’s an answer.. anyhow, that is for another time… im closing in tho heheh checkit out below there

Carl Munck takes into consideration the longitude and latitudes and various forms of pi and other math, as well as geometry. The 19.5 energy meridians that are evident all throughout the universe. Look at the red spot on Jupiter or the 5 mile high volcano on Mars, all on the 19.5 meridian. Hawaii is on the 19.5 meridian of this age as well as the ice age when the earth was tilted…interesting huh. Very powerful place.
Carl Munck shows how it is all connected in a matrix on earth.
Some of your math brainiac friends would love this or someone at the uni that is into numbers and such.
The debunkers can not debunk him…I read some their stuff and they are full of dodo. Math does not lie.

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Carl Munck
Carl Munck
Carl Munck radio interview

megaliths on 19-5 meridians suppressed energy

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