Is This The Garden of Eden

The Garden of Eden

the garden of eden your sojourn begins

The garden of eden is it still there or is it something else now? Was it there? Come check it out.
Gobekli Tepe
 – (videos) -an ancient very old sacred site (images)
Some say it is so old it could be the garden of Eden.

Is This The Garden of Eden

Gobekli Tepe is a very, old, ancient site that was built around 12,000 years ago, about the same time as the garden of Eden, some would say. That would put it at circa 10,000BC or there abouts. The site was discovered in 1994 by a shepherd herding his flock of sheep. As he passed by a sacred mulberry bush he noticed an oblong rock was sticking up out of the ground so he started to clear it away. He, also, noticed other rocks, that were the same, sticking up, so he resolved to tell someone of his find. Maybe it was important. It was very important, as archaeologists have said it is the find of the century, maybe the find of all time. So in 1995 excavations were started by Prof. Klaus Schmidt with help from the German Archeological Institute.

Is This The Garden of Eden

 Here is More info below for your quest for the truth.

Ancient Aliens

Here is information on the search for your questions of why are we here? Is it really true all that we got taught in school on ancient history. The cradle of civilization really was the Mesopotamia area?

Who were the Annunaki a people that were to first live there. Just where did they come from. How did they know all that knowledge? There is way more to find out about ourselves and who we are.

How and why were all those megaliths built with blocks, weighing hundreds of tons, all over the world, most at the same time period, in our ancient past. Yeah when we can’t lift and move them into place today. Ancient texts as well as all spiritual ones, meaning your version of spiritual teachings or what you use for a Bible, all talk about Gods and how they brought knowledge to the earth.
Are you done wondering about all that? Is your journey done?
Who is your God? Why are you here?
Find that all out and more by clicking right there on y0ur world.

ancient aliens


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