Animal Rights Action Alerts

This article about animal rights contains a Link to courtesy of Peter Fonda who can be found on twitter @iamfonda

The link above contains some of the Many Causes for animal rights of this [planet], yeah, our patch of dirt, called earth. Yes the same one we mismanage so well.
Animal Rights Action Alerts

Animal Rights Action Alerts

That biological site is an excellent source for the rights of all the animals on this earth. We were to look after them, instead, we abuse them for money and for a food source, which is a direct link to the greed of mankind. Embarrassing, yes, well, we should be. Some of us at least.

Animal Rights Action Alerts

When was the last time you did anything about helping an animal? To busy, yeah, I know too busy making money. Providing for your family you might say. Yes and that too, huh. All valid excuses can we call them? Okay then excuses it shall be. If you’re busy providing for your family that means, most likely, you have kids. What should we be teaching them?

The same goes for all teachings to the kids. Let’s get it right. If you noticed a lot of kids these days are on the right path, no help from some of us and our wicked bad ways. Well, someone is looking out for them, passing the good word, so to speak. They seem to realize someone has to look out for the animals. Just like who cleans up the candy bar wrapper that they might throw down? The people, yes We The People.

I think we should do more, a lot more to help animals in the wild and the ones we use for food. Free range everything, instead of the cramped conditions that the greedy money mongers have made for the animals. Yeah, you might argue, I know they will argue, to compete in today’s markets they must do these horrible things to animals. Why one asks?  Well to make their bottom line look better to them or their investors. Another bad thing is the whole banker bullshit of investing. That is another topic for another time though.

So why is not more done to help the animals. The why is all to do with money and power. That trumps everything. Have you ever seen a law change all of a sudden. Yeah the uber rich, the money mongers, get laws changed to fit their nasty bad practices. They care for nothing but the bottom line, which is how much money that company makes. Integrity is a thing of the past, gone are the days you could give ”your word” and a ”hand shake” over a business deal.

For now though let us get our kids involved more in the protection of all animal’s rights everywhere. Yes that means in the wild and in captivity. Please get your self and your kids, the future, involved in protecting animals everywhere, for animal rights need to be practiced by everyone.

will yue (;oÞ~~

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