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I trust I find you well on this wonderful day. Today we should talk about us, yes, people, yes friends and yes business online. Why are we like how we are? Why do we want to be the way we are? Who do we think we are? Those are just a few of  the finer points we shall ponder today my friends.

Mostly we all are selfish little things, dare I say friends. Aren’t we though? Selfish, Yes me too. For it is truly hard to really be giving. There was and or is very few people that give without a motive behind it. After all we do need to survive huh.
It is how it is given out though; in return there is no motive it just happens. One could call it a motive but it is just natural. Some call it karma some call it some other label. I call it the nature of the universe.

What would happen if everyone could hear everyone else’s thoughts. Hearing all your friends thoughts would be enough don’t you think? Oh what a pandemonium of thought there would be. Screaming and gnashing of teeth, crying in the streets, would ensue I’m sure. heha ohh my. Just a few of the things I imagine would happen. Don’t cha think huh, wouldn’t there be?

At any rate, we are crafty, little me persons, all running around wanting attention one way or another. Some though, least we forget, are actually helping people. They truly understand or are doing it naturally….the laws of nature. We will call it that instead of all the names they put on it now a days. They have heart, compassion, love for human beings, as well as animals and nature. Love for people and to become friends to some. It is a natural thing.
They really do get it…. they really do have it.

Let us look at the current trend of people that try to do business online. What do they do for business online? Many things but They All Need To Grab Attention? Well, watch any of the trendy social networks and walla there it is in full bloom, heheh, all clamoring for a space in time, as it were.

You can actually see the different personalities all reaching out to touch someone that is not really there. Are they there? They are there to a certain extent, sure. Eager to please, eager to learn, eager to make the scene, eager to be accepted, eager to make a da money. Eager to have some….friends.

What is the best way to go about this online business one wonders.

The best way is not to be a pest, not to say stupid rude things, but to add some content, add some worth. Do not come on like you are selling anything but try to help. Try to help? Some people actually do help. Most though are, well go read some of the, we will call them business ads. They think you are going to click on their name and product. Will you click it? Be a clicker… aw come on yanno you wanna.

The thing that grabs some of our attention and not others is very different. If you are net savvy you will not click on the ”make $5,000 this week” ads. If you are this, click that or if you are that, click this, it all depends how far along you are in your online business journey. It is best to slow down take what you need and not clutter yourself with way to many things to do. Find some very good people to watch or even coach you along. Stick with it, go slow, do exactly what they show you to do.

Thee best people to date I have found for online business  help are. Jonathan Budd, Mike Dillard, Diane Hochman, Katie Freiling, Jayson Shawver, Kimbal Roundy, Dave-Dawn Cook, JW Reed, Rick Chitwood,
Brett Wash, Michael Cheney

Hope this helps my friends.
take care out there

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