computers waste time

 Computers Waste Time

Computers waste timecomputers waste your time

What a subject. You got some time?
Bad joke, yes okay but it, well, it had to be said, heheh, some humor to lighten the, ahh, subject of how computers waste time.
geeeze yah, you get sick of all the bullshit with computers and all the fluff that goes with them. Like the hardware changes to such things as mobo mother boards, voltage changes, graphic cards, ram and thee like. Not to mention the software, let’s not leave them out.

Yes they make a great toolbar, button, addon or something that helps you but the busy little beavers at all software companies, including the browsers, think they have to always have the latest greatest thing added to their product. Not compatible, discontinued support, are tiring message to see, as well as frustrating….darst we say sickening? Wastes our time… I smell refund!!
hah yah not likely in this century huh (;oÞ~~

how computers waste time

Listen up you turkeys opps did eye say that I meant companies. Just make the damn thing work and keep it working. No we don’t want the latest from your programers. Give them a rest. There is something to say about anything that works and works well. No we are not against change….. just make it intuitive change not just for the sake of keeping your programers working.

Somehow the computer industry has morphed into this world of time wasting. Time wasting for us, yes sad to say but they waste so much of our time. It is, what was the word, sickening. How many times have you heard… oh it must be your computer or you are doing something wrong here is this phone book sized tutorial, read that, the answer to your problem is in there somewhere. That is just a taste of how computers waste time.

how computers waste time

What about the argument of how much time they save us and how much quicker some of our jobs go. Well that there is erased and erased easily, when they do not work right from various things such as not compatible, not supported, to small a psu so the thing fries, not to mention all the driver conflicts and such. Yes the list is long and how computers waste time is equally as long. There are many more reasons how computers waste time and the guilty are hardware as well as the software companies.

how computers waste time

Yeah we are not talking about what we can do wrong we are talking about what they, the computer companies, software and hardware, do wrong for the never ending quest for more market, more money, bigger and better…..riiiiight. Greed seems the mark of the times. Ever notice how so many companies want to ”own” it all? What is that? The american way. Not really it is just good old plain human greed. That is how computers waste time.

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