disabled vets charity fraud

 disabled vets not getting charity money

disabled vets via cnn.com

Disabled vets are getting cheated after protecting their country. Some soldiers even paying the ultimate price. We must look into this. This is an outrage.

Sad news for disabled vets, indeed, sad news for us all. This is #outrageous IRS forms show charity’s money isn’t going to disabled vets – CNN.com via @andersoncooper thnx man. I had to put this here it would not tweet off the cnn home page. Click here to get to the article at cnn’s home page http://goo.gl/RRU5n

disabled vets charity fraud

In Our Own Words
You would think a country would come to a stand still till this is investigated and resolved. Why is it not? Why does it continue for years in some cases. Why, we think because the politicians do not really care, they are to busy making money off of their so called causes for the people. This is a cause, a very good one, the best of causes. Stop it, stop it now.

disabled vets charity fraud

Shame on these people that do this horrible evil thing. Those soldiers were brave enough, good enough, to, in some cases, sacrifice their lives for the safety of people they do not even know, yet this continues year after year. Should not the politicians of the country step up and do something about it? Should not the loop holes in the law be looked at? I sure would be doing that many years ago, as, I am sure, so would you.

Listen to them dodge the questions. Investigators have asked the vets do the charities ask them what they need. The answer is no instead they send them things that the vets do not need. We think, by looking at what is sent to the vets, in many cases, it is free stuff the charity gets in the first place.

Please go ahead and listen and read about what is going on. These people sacrificed their, bodies, their minds, yes, even their lives for the well being of everyone in the country, yet these horrible things are allowed to happen to them, who are disabled vets, lest you forget. You would think some politician, even Bush or Cheney, who were so eager and willing to send the soldiers to their trumped up war, would step up. Not a peep is heard though. What does that tell you?

will yue

Thank you again Anderson Cooper and David Fitzpatrick and Drew Griffin, CNN Special Investigations Unit, for such a great investigative report viewed here. Journalism at it’s best.
thnx you guys
Thank you for helping the disabled vets and for all you do. thank you


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