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Dojo Menu

Scroll down for the world famous Dojo Menu at the Dojo Restaurant in the eastvillage New York. They have been doing this a very long time and you will find some of the best tastes going on there. Check it out.

dojo menu

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Dojo Menu

  • 24-26 St. Marks Pl., New York, NY 10003 40.728898 -73.988493
    nr. Second Ave.  See Map | Subway Directions Hopstop Popup
  • 212-674-9821 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting FREE 212-674-9821end_of_the_skype_highlighting
  • Takeout Available


Miso Soup served with pita, whole wheat or rye bread   2.25
French Onion Soup made with melted cheese and bread   2.75
Soup of the Day served with pita, whole wheat or rye bread   2.75
Homemade Chicken Noodle served with pita, whole wheat or rye bread   3.25
Gazpacho Cold Soup available only in the summer season   3.25

choice of challah, onion roll or italian bread for 50¢, croissant for 75¢


Dojo Dip With Pita Bread tofu dip with garlic and miso   2.50
Spinach Salad served with tahini dressing   sm 2.50   lg 4.25
Hummus with pita bread   2.75
Oriental Fried Chicken ginger sauce   4.75
Calamari with hot and sour sauce   4.95
Spicy Wings (deep fried) topped with hot and sour sauce   4.25
Fried Tofu with ginger sauce   3.95
Cold Sesame Noodles a generrous serving of noddle in sesame peanut sauce on bed of lettuce   3.25
Salad served with tahini dressing   sm 2.25   lg 3.95


Tofu Salad   4.25
Dojo Salad choice of cheddar, swiss or jack cheese   4.95
Tuna Salad prepared with mayo   4.75
Grilled Chicken Salad with grilled chicken breast   5.50
Hijiki Salad hijiki seaweed served with fried tofu   4.95
Fresh Fruit Salad   sm 3.50   lg 5.50
Sukiyaki Salad chicken stewed with rice noodles and ginger   4.25

all salads (except fruit salad) made with mixed red and green gaden salad, tomato, cucumber, alfalfa sprouts and dojo tahini dressing


Choice of pita, Whole Wheat or Rye Bread

1Blt bacon, lettuce, tomato, sprouts and mayo in pita   3.25
2Cheese choice of cheddar, swiss or jack, and salad   cold 2.50   grilled 2.75
3Turkey Club lettuce, tomato, sliced turkey breast, jack cheese and bacon on italian bread and with side of french fries   5.95
4Fried Fish Filet with tartar sauce in pita bread and salad   4.50
5Tuna prepared with mayo in pita, and salad in pita   3.50
6Atc avocado, tomato, cheddar, lettuce, sprouts and dojo dressing with your choice of bread   3.50
7Chicken Cutlet breaded and fried chicken topped with japanese bbq sauce in pita bread, with salad   4.50
8Hummus hummus, avo, spinach, tomato and sprouts in pita   3.25
9Dojo Dip tofu dip, avocado, spinach, tomato, sprouts in pita   3.25
10Chicken Sukiyaki served in pita, with salad   3.25
11Grilled Chicken with light pesto sauce in italian bread, with salad   4.25
12Ham and Cheese choice of cheddar, swiss, jack, and salad   cold 2.75   grilled 3

italian bread, roll and challah for 50¢,croissant for 75¢, extra cheddar, swiss or jack cheese for 50¢ or add avacado or bacon for 75¢

dinner platters

All Served With Brown Rice or French or Home Fries and Salad

Fried Chicken Dinner oriental style with garlic and ginger   5.95
Kyomaki chicken, zucchini, scallions, celery and cheese rolled in nori seaweed and deep-fried   7.50
Chicken Cutlet Dinner chicken breast cutlet topped with japanese bbq sauce   6.95
Fish Filet Dinner two fried filet served with tartar sauce   6.95
Bbq Chicken Dinner half chicken with japanese bbq sauce   6.95
Yakitori prepared japanese style on 3 bamboo skewers
Chicken, Beef or Vegetable   6.95
Combo shrimp or scallop   7.95
Salmon Steak Dinner (steamed or broiled) served with ginger sauce and steamed broccoli   7.95

japanese don

don or curry don
Stir-fried Dojo Vegetables Served Over Brown Rice
Vegetable Don   5.25
Beef Don   5.95
Chicken Don   5.95
Shrimp Don   6.95
Scallop Don   6.95
Chicken Sukiyaki Don   5.25
Hijiki Don   4.50
yakisoba or curry yakisoba
Dojo Vegetables Stir-fried With Yakisoba Noodles
Vegetable Yakisoba   5.25
Beef Yakisoba   5.95
Chicken Yakisoba   5.95
Shrimp Yakisoba   6.95
Scallop Yakisoba   6.95
yakimeshi, curry yakimeshi
Dojo Vegetables Stir-fried With Rice
Vegetable Meshi   5.25
Beef Meshi   5.95
Chicken Meshi   5.95
Shrimp Meshi   6.95
Scallop Meshi   6.95
ni soba soup specials
1Miso Ni Soba
2Curry Ni Soba
3Peanut Ni Soba
other noodle specials
Chopstick Salad peanut sesame sauce with coconut milk over grilled chicken with green salad mixed with buckwheat soba noodles   6.95
Tsunami miso based soup with fish tempura, calamari, shrimp, daikon radish, carrots and scallions over buckwheat soba noodles   7.50
Y2k Soba sautéed vegetables (mushroom, broccoli and onion) with rich gravy of chicken or vegetable stock with crispy noodles
Vegetable   6.25
Tofu   5.25
Beef   6.95
Chicken   6.95
Shrimp   7.50
Scallop   7.50
Cold Sesame Noodles a generous serving of noodle in sesame peanut sauce on bed of lettuce   5.95

oriental special

Oriental Chicken Salad oriental sauce on bed of greens   6.95
Steamed Mussels oriental sauce cooked with white wine, served with brown rice and salad   7.50
Seafood Salad with oriental sauce on bed of greens   7.95

dojo’s burgers

All Burger Sandwiches Served in Pita With Salad Topped With Tahini Dressing, and All Dinner Served Over Brown Rice or Home or French Fries and Salad With Tahini dressing

Soy Burger Sandwich   2.75
Soy Burger Dinner   3.75
Hamburger Sandwich   4.50
Hamburger Dinner   5.25
Turkey Burger Sandwich   4.50
Turkey Burger Dinner   5.25
Veggie Burger Sandwich   4.50
Veggie Burger Dinner   5.25

choice of whole wheat, rye, or pita bread. (italian , onion roll, challah $0.50) croissant $0.75 extra. cheddar, swiss, jack cheese for $0.50. add avocado or bacon $0.75


Tofu Patties With Hijiki Seaweed in Fried and Topped With Japanese Bbq Sauce

Hijiki Tofu Sandwich   3.25
Hijiki Tofu Dinner over brown rice, with salad topped with tahini dressing   4.25


Battered and Deep Fried Vegetables Served With Brown Rice and Ginger Sauce

Vegetable Tempura   5.25
Shrimp and Vegetable Tempura   7.25
White Fish and Vegetable Tempura   6.95

steamed or sautéed vegetables

Served Over Brown Rice With One Choice of tofu, Dojo Tahini Dressing or Cheese For $5.25

Tofu   1
Shrimp   3.50
Cheese cheddar, swiss or jack   0.50
Large Tahini Dressing   1

side orders

Soy Patty with carrot dressing   1.95
Hijiki Patty with bbq sauce   2.25
Hijiki   2.50
Cold Tofu   1.50
Chicken Breast   3
Chicken Cutlet   3.25
Side Yakitori Skewer   3
Yakitori Shrimp or Scallop   3.50
Dojo Vegetables   3.50
Bread or Roll   0.75
Croissant   1
Home Fries, French fries   1.75
Brown Rice   1.25
Cheese cheddar, swiss, jack   0.50
Ham or Bacon   0.75
Carrot Tahini Dressing   sm 0.35   lg 1
Sauce japanes bbq, tofu, miso, ginger   sm 0.35   lg 1


Rolling Rock   3.50
Budweiser   3.50
Bud Light   3.50
Red Stripe   4
Heineken & Heineken Light   4
Stella   4
Amstel Light   4
Guiness   4.25
Sapporo 16oz   4.75

beer on tap

Bass Ale   pint 4   pitcher 12   mug 2.75
Brooklyn Lager   pint 4   pitcher 12   mug 2.75
Kirin   pint 4   pitcher 12   mug 2.75

blended shakes

Amaretto   6.50
Bailey’s   6.50
Crème de Menthe   6.50
Zen Green Tea Liquor   6.50
Plum Wine   4.50
Hot Sake   4.50
Japanese cold sake (glass)
Nama Sake sho chiku bai   5.50
Nigori Sake unfiltered   4.50


Served Until 5 P.m

Two Eggs scrambled or fried   2.50
Extra Egg   add 1
With Bacon or Ham   3.25
With Steak   4.50
Pancakes   3
Banana Pancakes   3.50
Challah French Toast   3
With Bacon or Ham   3.75
With Bananas on Side   3.50
Granola with steamed or cold milk   2.25
With Bananas   2.95
With Soy Milk   add 0.50

eggs served with home fries and choice of pita, whole wheat, and rye bread but can be substituted for challah or roll for 50¢ or for croissant for 75¢

japanese brunch

Served Until 5 P.m

1Scrambled Eggs with japanese bbq sauce   3.50
2Scrambled Eggs with mushroom or ham and bbq sauce   3.95
3Fried Fish Filet with sautéed vegetables   4.95
4Steamed Broccoli with tofu sauce   4.50
5Chicken Sukiyaki   4.95

served over brown rice with choice of miso soup, or salad but can substitute chicken noodle or gazpacho soup (seasonal) for 50¢ extra


Served All Day

Plain Omelette 3 eggs   3.25
Mushroom   0.50
Avocado   0.75
Ham or Bacon   1
Banana   0.75
Cheddar Cheese   1
Tomato   0.50
Sour Cream   0.75
Swiss Cheese   1
Alfalfa Sprouts   0.50
Jack Cheese   1
One Egg   1
Spinach   0.50

served with home fries and choice of pita, whole wheat or rye toast but can be substituted for challah or italian roll for 50¢ or for croissant for 75¢


Frozen Yogurt vanilla   3
W/ granola, Carob or Banana   3.50
Chocolate Cake   3.75
Cheese Cake   3.75
Apple Crumb Pie   3.25
Pumpkin Pie seasonal   3.50
Key Lime Pie seasonal   3.50
Tiramisu   4
Black Forest Cherry Cheesecake   4.25
A la Mode vanilla yogurt   1
With Whip Cream   add 0.50
Yogurt a la Mode   add 1.50

coffee, tea

Coffee   1.25
Espresso   2.95
Cappuccino   3.75
Mochacchino   3.95
Chai Latte hot or cold   3.25
Iced Cappuccino   4.25
Iced Mochaccino   4.50
With Whip Cream   0.50
Tea english breakfast, earl grey, jasmine, green tea, herbal teas, peppermint, chamomile   1.25
With Soy Milk   add 0.50


Frozen Yogurt Shake chocolate, vanilla,stawbery   3.75
Creamsicle Shake   3.95
Soy Protein Shake   3.75
Add Fruit   0.50
Chai Shake frozen yogert   3.50
Soda (no refill) coke, diet coke, ginger ale, sprite   1.25
Seltzer   0.75
Juices (single or mixed) apple, orange, grapefruit, pineapple, cranberry, tomato   2.25
Lemonade   1.95
Raspberry Lemonade seasonal   2.50
Hot Apple Cider seasonal   2.95
Egg Cream chocolate, vanilla, strawberry   1.75
Milk   1
Soy Milk   1.50
Steamed Milk   1.25
Chocolate Milk   1.50
Hot Chocolate   1.75

Menus provided by Menupages

The famous Dojo restaurant in the east village ‘very good tastes’
via the good folks at New York Magazine Restaurant Guide

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