Memorial Day

By Richard Chamberlin, May 28, 2012
Memorial Day

The guns were fired.
A wreath was laid.
A widow cried.
A speech was made.
Some poor bastard
laid out in a tomb.
They say he died for his country,
but he died too soon.
If they’d have told him what
he was really fighting for
he’d have stayed at home,
he’d have locked his door.
He’d have raised his kids
and made love to his wife.
He’d have helped his neighbors.
He’d have had a good life.
Instead he died for lies
too long on the shelf.
He died fighting communism,
which died by itself.
He died for Hallliburton.
He died for Lockeed.
He died for power.
He died for greed.
And when this veterans’
time has passed
they can bury me face down
so corporations can kiss my ass.

By Richard Chamberlin, from his book, The Cybernetic Possum (Spinoza Publishing).

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