Politics Basturds

Politics Basturds what a subject huh?

Politics BasturdsPolitics Basturds

Here we have various views, ideas, concerns and complaints about our world we live in and, yes, our governments. Why you ask?  Because, if you look close they are thee same no matter where you live on this loverly place we call Earth. Governments are thee same, as in, very disconnected from the people. Just like all large corporations are very disconnected from the people.

Politics Basturds

Here we will open your eyes to many alarming things that go on not noticed by the public. Will we say some nice things about the governments you may ask? Not many because anything like being nice or helping the people is usually connected to money or personal gain in some way or some fashion for someone in a political position. We do not mean helping when a disaster strikes although that, too, is connected to personal gain for most the politically connected people… usually. Speaking of Politics Basturds let’s not forget the corporations and banks that are tied to the Politcs Basturds.
Let’s get to it shall we.

will yue (;oÞ~~

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