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change them here
Change them here with people and organizations like this; we truly can change the world….. hey at least we have a crack at it  #justsayin

Hi Avaazers,

People-power has emerged as the new global superpower, creating amazing opportunities to change the world. Avaaz has launched a new tool — now anyone can create an online petition. Share this email with people you know who like to speak up for what’s right, or click here to start one yourself!

People-power has emerged as the new global superpower, creating amazing opportunities to change the world with the incredible power of our community.

Many of us probably have a ton of things that need changing in our own neighbourhood: a school that’s being closed, a politician that’s corrupt, a family that needs help. And we also know friends, family and colleagues with a passion to speak up for what’s right.

That’s where the new community petitions website comes in!

Forward this email to people you know who might like to use this tool to change something, large or small — or click here to start an Avaaz petition of your own:

Take any local issue, add a massive wave of people-power from around the country — even the world — and change will happen faster than we ever imagined. An Avaaz member in Brazil started a petition about a small community in the middle of the forest being kicked off its land by the government. In just weeks, her petition had over 250,000 signers, mountains of media attention and the eviction was stopped!

Plus, if the petition gets enough support on its own, the staff at Avaaz could pick up the campaign, add strategic advice, media help and even send it to a wider list of members. Some campaigns have been started by one person and then sent to millions of Avaaz members.

If we all started petitions that changed the face of our communities, pretty soon, we’d be changing the way our countries operated. And that rise of people-powered change from everywhere is enough to transform the entire world. Send this email to any people you know who have great ideas about how to make the world a better place, or click on the link to start something yourself:

What we do together is inspiring — we’ve protected forests, ousted corrupt politicians, saved whales and even worked together to help create a whole new country. Imagine what we will achieve when we take our know-how and bring it to the challenges facing our own neighbourhoods.

With so much hope for what we will achieve together,

Oliver, Emma, Ricken, Jooyea, Michelle and the whole Avaaz team

P.S. If you’re not yet ready to start your own campaign, consider forwarding this email to a friend. We all know someone who’s itching to change the world or some piece of it — and this new tool is a powerful way to do it:


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