Vegetable Gardener

vegetable gardener

vegetable gardener is a great name to be called.

Vegetable gardener
Vegetable gardener is a great name to be called and a good person to be, also, a great thing to add to ones life.
Vegetable gardening is fun for everyone as well as a valuable resource. Many things can be achieved with gardening such as a healthier mind and body leading to a much healthier life. With that life style you can have a much more productive life.

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Here is another handy Garden link to have, as I will be adding to it as the summer approaches ….psst there is so much snow right now ….is spring rrrreally coming eheh : (

psst snows goooone yep all gone

ohhhhh yeah im back and it’s spriiiiing turnin to summer real quick. Garden is all most all in, couple things here and there yet. Special, little, strawberry patch for the wife for one  ….yeah points, what can eye say (;oÞ~~

We only ran two veggie beds this year, with some halved whiskey kegs and small beds/planters here an there, spotted through out the yard for various other plantings. The main vegetable growing beds are about 25×4 foot. They are 4 feet wide so you can work it from both sides, most people can reach about two feet in, comfortably. I have a 2×12 cut just over 4 feet laying across the bed so it can be a place to work off of right over top the bed without standing in it.
So there are beds, five of them with an outside perimeter of beds, 4 to 8 foot wide then fence. So that’s the surrounding area; three sides and backyard driveway the fourth. As you see, the 25 foot beds are in the middle of that. The walkways between them are about 2 foot. Gotta have some room to work, after all. If pressed for room, or something like that, you can do as you need to.

They are covered in a, plastic that is like hoarding plastic. This particular plastic is silver one side and black the other. Some kind of uv treatment is on it and it is thee best. Why you ask? Because it is so old I forget when I put it there. I am thinking around 20 years ago. What plastic hangs around that long heheh, in the baking hot sun I might add, wow is all I can say. You will drill holes in it with a hole cut saw blade, on a drill running backwards so it don’t catch and tear the plastic….works great. They use tools like that to cut holes in doors for door knobs and such. If no drill just slash an x in it an then cut it with scissors. Why I want round is it don’t tear very easy. Although, with that said, I have some done that way with the x slashed in it not rounded off even and the plastic is so good it does not tear or, as they say, run.
Holes need to be a 4-6 inch diameter to get bedding plants into…smaller if used for something else, like seeds always.

It is plumbed with hose, any hose is good really. Even garden hose buried under the ground , just abit, to go from bed to bed at one end. One end will be the head of the beds, with a walkway down it. From here you can hook up the splitters for the irrigation you will use, there can be several methods. One good one is just a simple drip or, as they are called, soaker hoses. Buy a good one save some grief. Cheap ones don’t even drip, ugh.

Wondering how to go from bed to bed? Get, at any good garden supply male and female hose ends and any irrigation products you need if you want something else.
Just cut the hose to the lengths you need, add the ends and you are good to go with adding the splitters. Now a days they have very good brass splitters and good ends at a decent price. Well worth it, the all plastic ones or cheap zinc metal are a drag. Back in the day they didn’t have real good ones unless you went pro or could even find them. All the connections are just every day hose ends. So there will be a few least one per bed. A 4 foot wide bed can have about 2 rows down them, plants can grow big when doing this method. Even one row down the middle for some vegetable plants. You have to watch that your plants are not sticking into the walkway/s to much…. a drag, so it is best to keep that in mind no matter how you are doing your plantings.

Some beds you can run with no plastic if need be and just mulch around the plants. Irrigate with whatever method you are using…soaker hose or spaghetti lines.

a pos for the cause ….will be back inna few hours okay maybe a few days with more gardening adventures (;oÞ~~

Here are some photos of the plant room upstairs and some of the yard.
To go there click here I have some on my google+ account.

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