#4 OpenSim opensource
INWORLDZ virtual world a newer kool place with great people
HoBoz inworldz yeah this be the place the new frontier
If you do not have a viewer called a client or virtual account it will take you to where you can get one. It is all FREE so come on…. See ya inworldz!!!
Avination with vivox voice -use another client ..kool grid great people
Avination Home with voice -click JOIN to use their own client

OSGRID -get viewer/client -interact with some great virtual worlds
Opensim Grid List -places or simulators to use called worlds
The HyperGates -hypergrid teleport network
hypergrid-adventurers-club -the be cunning & full of tricks folks ; )
Directory of Hypergrid Destinations -Hyperica Needs Client to enter grids
Hyper Grid Business -good place friendly informative
Imprudence seems very stable import/export your creations from Hard Drive
IMPRUDENCE viewer/client import/export has to be your creations
Imprudence to Aurora the new changes are implemented

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