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Audio - Video -Editing
Makes HD videos in win7 with the old MM (movie maker)
#1 Get Windows Movie Maker 2.6 this works like the old v2.0
#2 Get HD Plugin for MM2.6 4 resolutions -follow easy instruction
To use them, make sure Movie Maker is not running, then copy the *.prx files from the zip file to:
C:\program files\Movie Maker\shared\profiles
IF \profile folder is not there make it. There are four (4) to drop in that folder.
Courtesy RiddleRay Rembrandt -thnx ridd

More info and d/l to deal with winblos MM in win7 called Windows Live Movie Maker
Tutorials and References as well as downloads this is at papajohns site

#3HD Widescreen Settings for YouTube this is crystal clear. These settings where designed with Sony Vegas Pro 8, but they should work fine with Premiere, Ulead, and iMovie

#4FREE eRightSoft - `SUPER scroll to Latest Version:
They have changed it so get the version 201042 which means 2010 build 42
So Download from the one that says 201042 and is (direct link) (28.1MB)
They talk about a toolbar an such DO NOT GET THAT you do not need it. Just install the software.
Right click anywhere on it to get up options. You do not have to do anything extra they ask of.
Like where it says ''Use the older validation Process'' It seems to work with or without this on.

This program called SUPER converts (encodes) the audio/video format to just about anything.
It is very good if you are in a bind. From H264 to AVI to MP4 from HDTV plus many obscure formats .
Do not get it from authors site ... it loops and you dont get the d/l without hassle.
Courtesy the wiZard -thnx owen

Video Performer -is free from the good people at Performer Soft It converts most formats.
PerformerSoft -here grab some more free editing software courtesy PerformerSoft

#5 FREE 25 Digital Audio Editors -via hongkiat very handy
Jing a free screen capture tool -there is a pro version but this works fine
Jaycut a free online movie maker -this is very handy auto send to youtube
slow down 3Dconnexion zoom in sl it maybe to slow it works so well, tweek it.
Scroll to Resident experiences Illumine Demina. This also, slows down the normal zoom in the client. A very handy  thing that makes it look like real camera work like in the movies....slow steady zoom or pan.

#6 Audio/Visual Services
Mixing and Mastering Services very good work by Ben Brennan
3D Rendering also available
MultiMedia Services need some audio/visual done - get Ben

#7 `Helpful `Informative `Fun -stuff
NetFlix USA Canadian NetFlix Canadian NetFlix
Make Videos HD Crisp & Clear for youtube too
TV Lots of Sports an a Few Shows (series)
TV Player Miro Collects Shows From All Over the Net open source
Headphones that use your mind to move things was on
Stream Your Event Live - Store Video Server Side free one 10 gig
JBL Vintage Lansing Heritage Site -webring connected
Need a Song For a Special Occasion -it's here, great place, kool songs
RiddleRay Rembrandt's Logos some great stuff here
RiddleRay Rembrandt's Photos some fabulous photos
mac users external cam issues -list of cams & do's & dont's
Hi-Fi Museum -very good collection of amps, speakers n such lots of pics and detail.

#8 Virtual Music audio & video -see
Virutal Worlds
#10 Virtual Music

#9 Radio station channel radio station my budde> the latest dubset sounds
Shoutcast Radio Directory -dubstep among others
Shoutcast Radio Blues -various blues stations
SEE '' Music The Arts'' for more radio  stations and music (;oÞ~~

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