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Truths With Proofs

#1Some Real Truths With Real Proofs
People that live near the capitol go and check it out. Go to where he is talking about in chapter two. See for your self.<>They are selling some books...and CD's, in the video, look past that (if no need at this time) and listen to what they are saying. Listen what they say.  Anyways, glean what you can  ; )

#2 Interesting Links to it Al

#3 What Does Go On Out There

#4 Freedom to Fascism
See How They Made You Pay Income Tax Illegally In 1913.
There is no law about it. The Federal Reserve Scam Exposed
Aaron Russo's a must see

#5 One Of The Most Important Speeches In USA History
Eisenhower Farewell Speech
8-9 minutes each
Part One
Part Two

#6 NASA's Masonic Secrets think it isn't real - look for yourself

#7They Are Stealing Your Country Your World
Watch video of Dr. Bowman, oath keeper, a highly decorated person, Ret. Lieutenant Colonel US Air Force talk on stopping the stealing of America and the World by a political corporate government and it's military machine.

#8The False Left Right Paradigm From the Obama Deception

#9 Manoftruth Main Site keep informed financially politically
He makes and proves predictions
Find Out What Is Coming In the Financial as well as Political World
New World Order truths find out here
Manoftruth has actually predicted events and proved them.
bull or bear find out here
#9 Manoftruth

#11 Manoftruth
Gold Ron Paul Tells The Truth About Money

#12 USA Has A History Of Attacking It's Self To Go To War
A must see

#13 End of Liberty YEAH YOUR LIBERTY
-old rhetoric? wake up people to the truths with proofs

#14 What Is Your Birth Certificate




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