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Baggz on Hubpages -hubpages a great blog site
baggz.blogspot -baggz on blogspot
Baggz on Stumbleupon -some interesting info
Coyote's blog -come read |you|me|the state|the country
Dragon's photo blog -great photos in and around Michigan
Mischelle Watkins on squidoo -all sorts of interesting info

Kowality Online -Johnny Kowal with a variety of  business info
copyblogger 101-conversion-boosters Sonia Simone

Virtual Worlds - Blog

Virtual News Thinkerer's Blog very good advice and problem solving plus what's happening out there in the virtual world.

Baggz on Hubpages -hubpages a great blog site -some great info here.
For instance: Do you have tax nightmares? pfft hah go see this gal and your troubles are solved.
usa tax