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Stores / Auctions

Ko0ol Stuff Here Chekkit 0ut
SELENE-CARROLLS-EMPORIUM ebay safe delivered great deals

Coyote Longfall's ebay -fantastic deals delivered right to your door your sell online and buy online in the Uk like eBay
Hasty Auction Company some great deals here
Vinyl Records Made Into Clocks -laser cut waaaay kool
As Seen On TV All The Companies On TV That Are Selling Products

Music needs supplied
Long & McQuade Musical Instruments & Instruction I can not say enough about the service at this establishment they just help. The people in Saskatoon especially blew us away with their kindness, knowledge and unending help. -these people will look after you ...period.

More Gear
Gbase guitars amps and more -all sorts of instruments
DJ Gear Here A large supply of gear for the inspiring dj or the pro. From USA but ships to Canada

Computers - Parts & Accessories
OTV a great source for all your computer needs great sales







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