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Culinary Needs

Everything For Your Culinary Needs
All to do with Food and Kitchen -this place has everything you need     
Chef's Practical Guide to Practically Everything -chef stuff (;oÞ~~

sourdough old San Francisco
sourdough Australia
sourdough Explained

Diets & Other Good Things
Good Garsh Let's Eat : )
#1 Gluten Free Diet
#2 All Sorts 0f Grains n Pasta Recipes very good
#3 All Sorts Of Pasta Sauces
#4 All Kinds of Dumpling Recipes
#5 Eat Better America diet-nutrition
#6 Great Pasta Recipe check it out- low acid-easy to do
#7 SOUP many great soup recipes some tasty ones yumm
#8 The Weed Purslane & Depression for salads via Chef Felisha

cloverleaf thai tuna dishes easy tuna dishes -ya it slipped in ; )
#9 best-slow-cooked-rib-dinner -grilled potaotes grilled coleslaw
#10 109 Year Old On Mainly Raw Foods Bernando-Anti Aging Secrets
#11 how-to-make-bechamel-sauce -a few other sauces as well
#12 how-to-make-bechamel-sauce -makes the deluxe version
#13 some videos showing how to make bechamel sauce -yum
#14 newyork eggcreams -popular drink early 1900's brooklyn NY
#15 ALL Recipes -great site with easy to navigate recipe pages
#16 Epicurious -more great recipes
#17 How To Make Dumplings -several ways to make dumplings from scratch
#18 Chef Jeena's Kitchen -many great recipes; meat, vegetarian, gluten free, everything included all in one very good site.
#19 cbc-BestRecipes -here we have a dip so that you will eat more raw veggies and improve your health big time

Some Bad Things -do look out for this oncoming nastiness
Non-GMO Shopping Guide -see what is an what is not GMO
Senate Bill S 510 Food Safety Act -outlaws gardening and saving seeds

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